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Don’t Panic!

Be still and know I am God…Ps. 46:10; The Lord is my light and Salvation—whom shall, I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid? Ps. 27:1

            Years ago, as we traveled through South Dakota, we did the tourist run through Reptile Gardens. They put on quite a show with reptiles, birds, and other critters. One such show involved a young man who sat upon a crocodile, and told the audience how vicious crocs can be, and what to do should any of us find ourselves around crocs! Part of his act was to touch the croc’s snout, which would cause it to slam down. His part of the event was to get his fingers out of the way before the croc’s mouth closed. On this particular occasion, he didn’t get his fingers out of the way in time; the croc got two of his fingers, or at least part of his fingers stuck in the croc’s snout! He shouted for help, a fellow tour guide came to his rescue, got on the croc, and released his fingers. I later saw this guide around the park; in fact, he was doing another show with snakes! Go figure.

What really impressed me though about this young man who got stuck with his hand in the croc’s snout is that he didn’t panic. He told us crocs love to roll their prey, and when one sits upon a croc, they have to remain firm. (Just mentioning that in case you, the reader, find yourself in such a situation.)  He really did remain calm; he didn’t panic. I was impressed by his non-anxious reaction, to say the least. He sat and waited on that croc until help came. I would’ve tried to leap or get off, which of course is what the croc would’ve wanted.

            There’s plenty to panic about these days, isn’t there? Whether it’s individual issues, community or national issues, personal decisions you might obsess about; or for that matter, possible outcomes that certainly don’t inspire much hope.  We always need to hear and meditate on the above Psalms……to be still, God is God; Jesus is Lord; He holds you in the palm of His hands, and His fingers will never slip or get stuck.

  • What do we react to? There’s plenty to react to!
  • What do you or I need to remain calm about?
  • What do you need to constantly pray about, and release to His provision and timing?
  • Are we reassured and experience His peace every day?

I know we probably won’t apply for hire @ Reptile Gardens anytime soon! But we face our own crocs; we can remain calm. God is with us!


Pastor Ross

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