Blog Post : A Word From The Pastor

Get Out Of My Way, Or Have Your Way?

“Yet not what I will, but what you will.” (Mark 14:36)

Several days ago, I was trying to get into the flow of traffic on Grand Ave. There was a huge, long line, and it seemed forever that I would find an opening just to get out of the parking lot onto the street. But finally, one gracious driver stopped and motioned me to get into the street. Wow! He allowed me to have the right of way and permitted me to do what I wanted to do. That driver didn’t have to, they could’ve easily just kept their place in line, and yes, eventually I would’ve made it into the street!  But I thought that driver had the sensitivity, the willingness to offer up their “right” and yield to someone else. I was pleasantly surprised. I waved in gratitude, and I think they felt satisfied as well.

In this simple analogy, the driver of the vehicle who let me in traffic is us. We have an incredible free will that we exercise every day. And the truth is: God won’t interfere. He will wait until we give the space and opening to lead us. We must allow Him to lead, we have to every day offer Him an opportunity to “get into the street,” to do His will. Instead of blocking Him and not wanting Him to interfere with our already made plans.

How do you know if you’re allowing Him to enter in front of you? Questions like the following come to mind:

 Do we want His will in our life?

 Do we lay our desires at His feet for His timing?

 Do we even pray about decisions, small and big, and discern His wisdom by peace or circumstances?

 Are we grateful when we allow Him to go before us, and tell Him so?

I know sometimes we read this article and naturally assume it’s for someone else. Because after all, we think, I’m a seasoned veteran of always wanting God’s will, and I really don’t struggle with allowing Him to go before me. Truth is: we all face battles with what we want versus what God may want.

Whatever we face. Let’s allow Him to go before us, let’s ask for His specific direction, let’s ask

for His will, and go forth in faith, trusting and being grateful for His leading.


Pastor Ross