Blog Post : A Word From The Pastor

Flip the Funnel

Think of an ordinary funnel used in cooking. We usually look from the wide end of the funnel when we look at people or circumstances, and see just a narrow view of someone’s life, an issue, or what may offend us. 

The solution?  Flip the funnel.  Instead of looking at them or a situation from the wide end to the narrow—seeing a very narrow piece of their life of what offends you or is easy to judge—look at them from the narrow end to see a much bigger picture!  It is called perspective!  And it’s “perspective” that God usually wants to give us about someone or something!

 We usually lack a bigger picture of most things in life, including our journey with Christ, and that He always chooses to flip the funnel when He sees us!  He always sees a much bigger picture of our progress than we do! He doesn’t focus on the most recent mistake or failure; He sees us through His wide-angle lens. He sees the beginning from the end; He is the Alpha and Omega; He sees the good work He began is us and how He will bring us and His body to completion at the day of Christ Jesus!  It’s called grace!

Questions to consider:

Are we offended by somebody right now—either by what they do or don’t do for us?  Try flipping the funnel.  Ask God to help you see them through the narrow end to the bigger end of the funnel than from the bigger end to the narrow view that you tend to see them.

Are we quick to judge someone or something based on our assumptions or expectations? Very rarely do we have the bigger picture or motives of why someone should’ve done better but chose a different direction.  Yes, you guessed it…. flip the funnel.  Ask Jesus to help you see them in a bigger picture and context.  That doesn’t mean you condone what they may’ve done, but it may cause you to think about your expectations.

Do you see only one side of an issue?  Sometimes flipping the funnel means to see a bigger picture of the other side.  It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your conviction, but it might help you better listen and dialogue with someone.

Do we worry about our future or have concerns about God’s control of our lives or country?  Naw…. didn’t think so…. none of us have any worries…. why would I even bring that up? Whatever your concern, yes, by now you get it, try flipping the funnel.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see matters, progress, healing, or your finances through the narrow to the wide end of the funnel instead of the wide to the narrow piece you always see.

Where do we all need to flip the funnel and look at someone or something with a bigger perspective?


Pastor Ross